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My camera, my world!

I use my camera to enrich the every day life and  discover what isn't seen although it isn't  hidden.

As a passionate Social Worker I use photography as a tool for personal development as well.

My articles about phototherapy and photography in general:

I have participated in several photo competitions and  exhibitions

In Athens 

  •  ifocus gallery " Woman", March 2019

  • The House of Cyprus, "Delphi" as a member of  "Photo Circle", October 2019

  • Metapolis "My favourite Black and White Photos", December 2019 

In Pireus

  • The Soft Box photography,in Ploriexclusive gallery , "The image of a word",  June 2022 

​In Ioannina

  • Photometria, International Photography Festival 2020 ,           " Stalk me" , September 2020

In Thessaloniki

  • Momus, Photography Museum of Thessaloniki, " ANTHROPAUSE", October 2020- January 2021

In Patra

  • 1st Patras Art Festival, " Person and Movement", July 2021

 I'm a member of the Association

"Photo Circle", in Athens.

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